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Tags:page footer

  • How to Annotate Specific Words or Sentences in MS Word

    Date:2019-9-25 Author:Cordelia

    Sometimes when you edit a document in Word, you may need to annotate a specific word, sentence or paragraph inside the page footer. But apparently you can’t achieve the ideal effect by typing the annotation directly. So, how to annotate a specific text in Word correctly? 1. First, open the Word document and select the […]

  • How to Set the Header or Footer as the Chapter Title in Word

    Date:2019-9-4 Author:Cordelia

    When you are editing a document with many chapters, a header or footer with the title of each chapter can indicate your location in the document and also the content of the current page. It’s very common in practice, but can also be troublesome if you intend to do it manually. So, is there a […]

  • How to Remove the Page Header or Page Footer in Word 2019

    Date:2019-8-13 Author:Cordelia

    If you have some unwanted page headers or footers in Word document, how can you delete them? Normal means don’t seem to work in this case. But there’re still some different methods to remove Page Headers and Page Footers. 1. Delete Manually Double-click the page header (or footer) on any page to enable editing the […]

  • How to Set the Page Footer in Word

    Date:2019-7-10 Author:Cordelia

    Page footer often appears in formal documents, books and magazines. It conveys many information like page number, date, company name, document title, etc. and the method to insert a page footer in Word is quite easy. 1. First, double click the footer area to enable Header & Footer Tools. 2. Click Footer and choose a […]