The 8 Best Office Gifts for Co-Workers

Date:2020-1-20 Author:Olivia
The 8 Best Office Gifts for Co-Workers

Choosing the right gifts for co-workers is a fun and exciting task, and office gifts are a fantastic way to say thanks for all of the adventures around the workplace, which helps to create lasting memories between you and your beloved coworkers.

1. Rechargeable Portable Fan

The portable, rechargeable fan handily provides a cool-down when you need one. Its small but powerful design can be used handheld or in its stand that sticks (and can be moved and re-stuck) to surfaces—even upside down.

2. Personal Ceramic Heater

The ceramic heater helps keep you comfortable in anywhere when you’re feeling chilly and is perfectly sized for just-for-you. Besides, a built-in fan can cool you back down and will automatically turn on if the heater gets too hot or tips over.

3. Single-Serve Coffee Press

The reusable personal coffee press lets you enjoy a coffeehouse-quality brew at anywhere you are. Fill it with coffee grounds and hot water and wait for three minutes. Flip it over onto a cup or mug, press down, and that’s it.

4. Mini Artificial Succulent Plants

These artificial succulents come in attractive glass vases and sit nestled in pebble beds. They’re perfect to sit on a desk, bookshelves, or even to hang on the wall or from the ceiling, if your gift-recipient has interior design tendencies.

5. Himalayan Salt Lamp

The 100% natural Himalayan salt lamp is sure to please the wellness guru at the office. Not only does it provide beautiful and relaxing mood lighting, but this handy little lamp is also touch-controlled and dimmable – put it anywhere.

6. In-ear Headphones

Some coworkers are amazingly productive despite cubicle chatter; others need to “plugin” with some tunes to drown out the noise and get their work done. In-ear headphones with microphone and call controller fit perfectly in any desk drawer, briefcase or work bag.

7. Wooden Spectacle Holder

Coworkers who take their glasses on and off throughout the day often leave them everywhere. A hand-carved wooden spectacle holder will help them keep track of their spectacles so they don’t miss any important meetings.

8. Cinema Lightbox

It’s fun to decorate your cubicle with personalized messages — especially when you can swap them out whenever you have a new sentiment to share. And with 90 different letters, numbers, and symbols, your coworker’s messages are sure to be read loud and clear.

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