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Archiver: 2019 November 22

  • How to Turn on Mobile Hotspot on Your Windows 10 PC

    Date:2019-11-22 Author:Cordelia

    Window 10 comes with a hotspot feature that enables you to turn on the mobile hotspot on your computer and connect it on your other devices. Some users may have not tried it. In fact, it’s very easy to toggle on the hotspot feature, and also worth a shot. Here’re the detailed steps. 1. Click […]

  • How to Use Magnifier in Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-22 Author:Olivia

    You can use built-in magnifier to temporarily enlarge a portion of the screen in Windows 10, It can run in full screen, in a separate window, or as a lens that follows your mouse pointer around the screen. So how can we use magnifier? Here’s a simple guide. 1. Click Start icon at the bottom […]