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Tags:IF function

  • Excel Easy Tutorial: How To Use The MEDIAN Function

    Date:2021-10-19 Author:Sandra

    Do you know the MEDIAN function in Excel? It’s different from the AVERAGE function. The AVERAGE function will take the average of a set of numbers. For example, the average of 2,4,4,6,7, and 10 is 5.5, but the median of  2,4,4,6,7, and 10 is 5. So the MEDIAN function will calculate the middle value of […]

  • 5 Cases to Use Microsoft Excel IF Function in Practice

    Date:2019-9-4 Author:Cordelia

    IF function, also known as conditional function, enables you to get corresponding results in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets when meeting the specific conditions. How Does IF Function Work The function syntax of IF function is: IF(logical_test,[value_if_true],[value_if_false]). If the specified conditions evaluate to true, this function will return a value; If the specified conditions evaluate to false, […]