Office 2016 Tips And Tricks

Date:2021-5-7 Author:Sandra

If you are an office worker who often uses a computer, you should not miss this practical office tip. These tips can improves your ability to handle efficiently the daily affairs of life.

Zoom-In And Zoom-Out Directly

When you browse pictures or files on your computer, if there is something you can’t see clearly, we can enlarge it.

You only need to press the Windows key and “+” to zoom in the screen, of course, press Windows and “-” to zoom out the screen.

Office 2016 Tips And Tricks

Quick Lock Screen

Our computers store a lot of trade secrets or personal privacy. You could be snooped on every time you go to the bathroom.

So remember to press the Windows key and the L key when you leave your seat, so that you can quickly lock the computer screen.

Office 2016 Tips And Tricks

Recover Deleted Data By Mistake

Sometimes we are so busy that we delete words by mistake. Don’t panic. Press the shortcut key Ctrl and Z to retract to the previous step and resume immediately.

Screen Record Function

Sometimes we need to record a computer operation video, are you using a mobile phone to record it? In fact, you only need to press the shortcut keys Windows and R, then enter “Psr.exe” in the pop-up text box, and then press Enter. The computer can start recording.

Office 2016 Tips And Tricks

Quickly Close Web Pages

If you’re browsing a website that’s not related to work and your boss walks in. Would you slowly close down one page at a time in a panic? I think it might be too late.

In fact, you can quickly close the current page by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl and W.

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