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Tags:add units

  • How to Process Data with Units Using Functions in Excel

    Date:2019-9-17 Author:Cordelia

    Some people tend to input the data with units into Excel spreadsheet considering it will be more clear and intuitive. But unfortunately, the data with manually entered units can’t be calculated correctly with Excel functions. It means you can only do the summation or subtraction manually as well. To avoid this situation and use functions […]

  • How to Batch Add Units to Cells in Excel Spreadsheet

    Date:2019-8-29 Author:Cordelia

    Adding units to one or several cells in Excel might not be difficult and many people are likely to type them after the values directly. However, this approach is not just time-consuming, but can also affect the result for calculation and invalidate some formulas. So, how to add units to multiple cells in Excel exactly? […]