5 Suggestions to Extend the Service Life of Your Computer

Date:2020-3-23 Author:Cordelia
5 Suggestions to Extend the Service Life of Your Computer

Computers are indispensable to our study, work, and entertainment. But as we all know, any electrical appliance has a life cycle, after a period of time, it will gradually aging, outdated, no longer fit your needs. If we don’t want to spend a lot of money on replacing the computer, the best way is to use it carefully and extend its service life. Here are some useful tips I’ve collected.

1. Don’t move your mainframe (or laptop) around when you leave it on

When the computer is running, the accessories in the case are in the running state, and the computer is made up of multiple accessories, which is easy to cause sparks and short circuit in the moving parts, resulting in plate and chip damage.

Therefore, if you really want to move the computer mainframe, don’t be afraid of the trouble, turn off the computer at first and then slowly move it.

2. Remember not to turn the computer off and then turn it on right away

After being shut down, the computer seems to be already not at work at all, but actually there are still remaining electrostatic in the circuit board inside of the mainframe. If you boot the computer again immediately, the circuit will generate electric current conflicts, which may even burn the motherboard.

So, if you want your computer to last longer, wait at least two minutes after turning it off before turning it back on.

3. Don’t touch the screen with your hands too often

Whether it is a CRT ordinary screen or LCD screen, there will be several layers with different effects on its surface, such as anti-reflection, anti-static, anti-glare and the outermost protective film. If you often use fingers or other objects touch it, it’s very likely to cause the film to break, disappear, and eventually reduce the service life of the screen.

4. Don’t use your computer and other high-power equipments at the same time with an electric plug board

If you start the computer, and turn on other high-power devices on the same plugboard, the current and voltage fluctuations in the power supply will be large (cause the high-power devices require a large amount of current, especially after starting to stabilize), and it is easy to burn the power supply and damage the hard disk. So it’s best to separate the computer from other high-powered devices and extend their different lines as much as possible.

5. Scan and tidy your hard drive from time to time

The computer you just bought can always work smoothly, but after a period of use, it may slow down, start slowly, or even crash oftenly. In fact, it is probably because that the computer is cluttered with files, and the hard disk head needs to go back and forth frequently to read a file, just like finding a specific numbers from a pile of random numbers, which can be very slow and error-prone.

So it is necessary to defragment the system on a regular basis. You can use either the disk defragmenter tools that come with WINDOWS or third-party tools.   

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