How to Calculate the Average Value of Data with Excel Function

Date:2019-10-30 Author:Cordelia

Calculating the average value is a very common way to analyze data in Excel. To do the computations accurately and also rapidly, you can use Excel function to calculate mulitple, or even an entire column of data. Here’s the basic approach to use AVERAGE functin.

1. Select the E2 cell, Click FormulasAutoSumAverages (or you can input “=AVERAGE(B2:D2)” directly).

Insert the Average formula

In this formula, B2:D2 refers to B2 to D2 (including C2), the range of cells you want to evaluate.

Insert the formula to the cell

2. Press [Enter] key and you can see the result.

Press Enter key

3. If you want to evaluate the average value in E3, E4 and E5 as well. Don’t bother to input the formula in each cell. Just click the lower right corner of E2 till the cursor become a black cross, drag it to contain all these cells. The average formula will run in each of them automatically.

Apply this formula to selected cells

Apply this formula to selected cells

4. If you think there’re too many decimal digits, choose the cells and find Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal in Home tab.

Increase or decrease decimal

Use these two button to customize the decimal digits in the sheet as you like.

Customize the decimal digits

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