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  • How to Hide and Show Specific Text in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-9-24 Author:Cordelia

    To prevent the content in Word document from being peeked or tampered, one effective way is to protect it with password. But if you are afraid of forgetting the password in the long run, it’s also feasible to hide the content temporarily. So, how to hide and show the specific text in Word document? 1. […]

  • How to Display Numbers as Asterisks in Excel Cells

    Date:2019-9-19 Author:Cordelia

    When you log in some software, the password you entered will be displayed as asterisk to protect your privacy. In Excel, you can also achieve this effect to prevent some important data from being peeked by others. So how to display number as asterisks in Excel cells? It’s a very simple trick. You just need […]

  • How to Hide the Content in an Excel Cell

    Date:2019-7-31 Author:Cordelia

    I’ve introduced how to hide cells (precisely speaking, rows or columns) in Excel. In this post I’ll share another trick about hiding the content of one or multiple specified cells without affecting the structure of the table. And the best thing is, when you double-click that cell, the content will show again. In this table […]