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  • 2 Ways to Add Auto Reminders on Due Date in Excel

    Date:2019-7-17 Author:Cordelia

    Working with the data in Excel spreadsheets often requires a reminder of the due date, such as the due date of receivable. In this post, I’ll introduce 2 methods to add a due date reminder in your Excel sheet. Hope it can be helpful to your work. 1. Functions See the example below. I create […]

  • How to Insert an Excel File in Word Document

    Date:2019-7-16 Author:Cordelia

    Word is one of the most commonly used office software in work and study. In order to make a Word document more convincing, we could insert other kinds of files in it for reference. For example, if we insert an Excel file in Word document, we can then refer to the original data while reviewing […]

  • How to Lock Specific Cells in Excel to Protect the Data

    Date:2019-7-16 Author:Cordelia

    When we are editing a table with Excel, some of the data in it may be so important that can’t be modified by others freely or by ourselves incautiously. If we can lock one or several cells in the table only, we can then focus more on processing the data without extra worries. How to […]

  • How to Transpose Rows and Columns in Excel

    Date:2019-7-16 Author:Cordelia

    If you are not satisfied with the current state of your table in Excel, and consider the content in rows should be in columns or vice versa, you can transpose them using the feature of Paste Special. Let’s see an example. I have this table below and want to switch the rows and columns. So […]

  • How to Combine the Content from 2 Columns in Excel

    Date:2019-7-16 Author:Cordelia

    If there are two columns in your table containing different kinds of information, and you need to merge them for some reasons, could you combine the texts from these 2 columns using functions of Excel instead of copy&paste one by one? Let’s see the table below. Now I want to combine column A and column […]

  • How to Add a Diagonal Line to the Cell in Excel

    Date:2019-7-16 Author:Cordelia

    While making a table in Excel, you may often have the need to insert a diagonal line in the cell of header and input some texts in it, such as names, regions, months, etc. This table below is an example. I want to draw a slash in the cell A1, and input “Name“, “Decimals” separately […]

  • How to Calculate Percentages Automatically in Excel

    Date:2019-7-12 Author:Cordelia

    It’s very frequent at work to make a sheet involving percentages of different departments in the whole company. Calculating percentages with a calculator surely won’t take a lot of your time. But if there’re piles of data to deal with in a short time, can you accomplish it efficiently without any mistake? If not, it’s […]

  • How to Make an Excel Histogram Display the Data Distribution

    Date:2019-7-10 Author:Cordelia

    Histogram is a direct-viewing type of chart using the width and height of the rectangle to display the frequency distribution of data. It’s very common in daily life and work, which also proves its practicability. Now I want to share the detailed steps to make a histogram in Excel to display the frequency distribution of […]

  • How to Delete the Duplicate Lines in Excel

    Date:2019-7-9 Author:Cordelia

    When you’re dealing with a bunch of data in Excel, it can be a headache to find and remove all the unwanted duplicate lines. How to eliminate them in a quick and simple way? Excel itself has the function called Remove Duplicates. Let’s see how to make use of it. 1. Select the range of […]

  • How to Sort Data in Excel by Multiple Conditions

    Date:2019-7-9 Author:Cordelia

    In my previous post I’ve introduced the method of sorting data in Excel by single condition. But in actual operation we usually need to sort the data according to more than one conditions. How can we do that? For example, there are some students with the same score in the grade table such as Ray […]