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  • How to Lock Your Computer Screen of Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-15 Author:Olivia

    No matter whether you have a laptop or desktop, it’s important to use the Windows 10 lock screen feature to lock the system down and keep it safe from peeping and tampering, especially in the workplace. Here I’d like to introduce two practical methods: Method 1: Shortcuts 1. Press [ Win ] + [ L […]

  • How to Change the Display Resolution of Your Computer

    Date:2019-11-15 Author:Cordelia

    The display resolution of a computer is very important, since it influences the visual effect of everything on the screen. To get the best experience, you may need to adjust the display resolution every now and then. Here’s a simple guide based on Windows 10. Normally, there are 2 approaches to enter the Display setting. […]

  • How to Change the Default Input Method in Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-14 Author:Cordelia

    No matter you are playing or wring in computer, many features require you to input some text or command at first. Therefore, an idiomatic and powerful input method can significantly save your effort and boost your efficiency. Considering the trouble of manually switching to your favorite input method every time, it’s necessary to set it […]

  • How to Hide Taskbar in Desktop Mode of Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-14 Author:Olivia

    Windows 10 allows you to hide taskbar in the desktop mode when it’s inactive. When the auto-hide taskbar feature is enabled, the taskbar is hidden most of the time, thus it won’t take up space on your computer screen. So how can we achieve it? Here’s a simple guide. 1. Click Start icon at the […]

  • How to Change Desktop Icon in Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-13 Author:Olivia

    You might already learn how to add desktop icons on Windows 10 computer, but actually you can also change them if you dislike the default ones. In this post, let’s take a look at the method Windows lets you change the icon, and here I will take This PC as example: 1. Right-click on a […]

  • How to Adjust the Double Click Speed in Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-12 Author:Cordelia

    Double-clicking the mouse is one of the most basic operations on your computer. But for someone who’s not good at quick actions, like the aged, it may be difficult to implement it. So, is there a way to change the speed of double-click in Windows 10? Yes, of course, there are many ways to do […]

  • How to Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-12 Author:Olivia

    You can enable the remote desktop to connect a colleague’s computer from your desk or to your work computer when you’re using other device. And in this guide, you’ll learn the method to enable remote desktop, which could manage a device or access your files and apps remotely by using the Settings. 1. Click Start […]

  • 2 Effective Methods to Enter the Safe Mode of Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-11 Author:Cordelia

    Normally, entering the safe mode of computer can fix some common problems and system failures. But the old method of pressing [F8] when starting up the computer seems not working anymore in Windows 10. So, is there any other way to enter the safe mode? In Windows, the safe mode is integrated in the Troubleshoot module, so you can not […]

  • How to Recover to the Previous Version of Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-8 Author:Cordelia

    If you’ve updated your computer system to the newest version of Windows 10, but found it isn’t working for you, you can actually try going back to an earlier version as long as the Windows.old file hasn’t been deleted. Here’s how you can do it. 1. Click Start at the bottom left corner of the […]

  • How to Share Folders in Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-8 Author:Olivia

    Windows 10 offers a very convenient method to share folders on a network. You can also apply for more restrictive permissions and have complete control over what you have shared with others, whether they can view or edit the folders or not. 1. Right-click the folder which you want to share with and select Properties […]